How The Structure of International Political System Influence State Foreign Policy : An Indonesia Case

The structure of international politics dictates the states foreign policy. Not only weak states are affected by such structure, but the great power also being influenced by the structure. During Cold War with its bipolar system, the main concern is revolving around the change in international political condition has its effect in the relation between states. In the cold war, the dominant issues are security, ideological and military issues. Almost every aspect in relation between states is translated into ideological war context. After the Cold War, though the ideological and security are still considered important it is becoming less dominant by the emerging of new issues such as human rights, political economy and democratization.


Democracy Does Not Need Superbody

Where does a ‘Superbody’ or ‘Superinstitution’ or ‘The institution above all’ theoretically fits in the picture of a Democratic States? The answer is it does not. ‘Superbody’ normally created not to serve people interest at large but by design is a ruler’s workhorse that should tip the balance toward him in a certain situation.

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