‘Thank You My Wife for….’

Our office often had celebration. Someone get transferred to another branch, someone being transferred from another branch, someone get transferred to the jobless list (read : retire), promotion, birthday, or just some weird gathering which they called ‘togetherness’.

In those occassions, normally the person being celebrated, of course beside the Big Boss, gives a speech. And, the template of the speech is always : first, they thank God; second, thank the bosses; third, thank the colleagues; fourth, apologize for something they do; fifth, apologize for something they did not do, and that is all. Are not they forgetting something?

Yup. They never mention someone which stand very close to them, the wife, which is dress nicely with the hairdo and classy kebaya. The wife which stand beside him at those very moment whom never get thanked to. The wife, which has to stay at home to raise the kids, serves the meal and comes to the ‘dharma wanita‘ meeting which I believe is very torturing.Β 

Different with those speech at the Academy Awards which always start with thanking someone very close and ended with the fans. Here, we do not regard the wife to be that much necessary to be thanked to. When a wife is good, it is their obligation, it is what they supposed to do, it is not a merit, it is not a good deed, it is nothing to be thanked for. ‘The thank will come from God and you will end up in heaven’….I imagine that is what the husband thinks.

Well, I feel sorry for those wives, but they will go to heaven anyway so maybe I need not to be sorry at all. But I just want to say when my time comes to give the speech, I will ‘put’ my wife after God. That amazing woman beside me and said…….

‘Thank you my wife for……’


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