Imaginary Conversation with The Vampire….ooops, sorry…. I mean a lady from Corporate HQ

This is an imaginary conversation with a lady from Corporate HQ about taking my masters degree sponsored by the bank……

# 1 conversation (this is really not happening, I am not that bold)

HR : “Irfan, what subject do you like to take for your masters?”

Me : “Mmmm, as per the corporate recommendation I should take Economics which is in line with my assignment now, but I am not too fond of it, can I take another subject?”

HR : “What? MBA? Finance?”.

Me : “Actually I’m thinking about Dentistry”.

HR : “…….(she did not answer, just gave me strange look)……..”

#2 conversation (this is partly imaginary)

Me : “Ma’am, I already accepted at rank #13 University in the world  for first term of 2009”

HR : “Not acceptable, we’ve already invested so much in you, you must enroll to the ivy-league (the top universities)”

Me : “Says Who?”

HR : “Says Me!”

Me : “Based on what?”

HR : “Based on my words, which of course my words represent the greater good of the organization in the future!”

Me : “Do you think I’ll come back and work here if I graduated from Ivy-League?”

HR : “…..(She did not answered, just look with disgust to this unpatriotic young man)……..”

#3 conversation (this is not happening yet and I do not know that it will)

Me : “Ma’am, can I just go to the rank #13 University, I’m sure that I won’t be accepted in the ivy-league, the process is costly and cumbersome”.

HR : “Absolutely not! You must at least try first”.

Me : “But let’s just say that I get accepted. It will be disastrous to the organization and set a bad precedence”.

HR : “I don’t get it. You are afraid to get accepted in the best university in the world???”

Me : “Yes Ma’am. As you noticed I’m not one of those geniuses, high-flyers in this bank. In my school I do not have good grades, I do not study. Here,  I do not work hard, I do not have strong ambition in career and I always make fun of my bosses.”

HR : “So???”

Me : “If I get accepted lets say in Yale or Stanford, it will demoralized those high-flyers, they will never stop wondering ‘why him, not me??’. Then they will feel that the world is not fair, that God is neglecting them, that their effort all this time is fruitless. Then in the end they will kill themselves. What happened is : the organization pool of talent will be drained and at the end of the day you’ll be left by nobody except me……can you imagine that???”.

HR : “…..(not answering…already killed herself)………”


Ps : I like that lady, she’s so lean………and mean………. 


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