Democracy Does Not Need Superbody

Democracy as been derived from its greek-origin word meaning ‘people government’, based on the on the equality, equal access to power. In simple explanation, the system is created as a respond to the monarchy system which has centralized system of power.

One of its fundamental principal is the separation and division of power, which is balancing the power of institutions in a state so that there is a system of check and balances. Where each institutions is a sentinel to the other. Montesquieu claimed that without separation of power, the system would be prone to abuse of power.

So, where does a ‘Superbody’ or ‘Superinstitution’ or ‘The institution above all’ theoretically fits in the picture of a Democratic States? The answer is it does not. ‘Superbody’ normally created not to serve people interest at large but by design is a ruler’s workhorse that should tip the balance toward him in a certain situation. This institution or organization tend to have overwhelming authority. Hitler gave Gestapo blank check to do anything necessary, without any judicial review, in investigating treason, attack or sabotage which directed towards Nazi party.

Though most ‘ Superbody’ existed in non-democratic states, nevertheless it also appears in democratic states in special circumstances and form. It can appear in case there is dispute of power where the leader try to maintain status quo. Phillipines’ Arroyo formed the Inter-Agency Legal Action Group (IALAG) just before she declared the state of national emergency to strengthening the inter-departemental cooperation in the investigation, prosecution, and monitoring of offenses relating to national security which has been seen practically a measure to enforce martial law towards ‘enemy of the state’.

Though theoretically unfit, we can not naively conclude that there are no ‘Superbody’ in any democratic state in normal peace situation.  There are numerous institution that have given ‘broader’ authority to certain institution especially those in connection with military, intelligent or law enforcement. How does they fit into the picture? The answer is they never claimed or acted explicitly as a ‘Superbody’ and does not positioned themselves as one. Once they claimed or positioned yourself as ‘above the others’, the pieces will not fit anymore. They are insolitus, alienus, a stranger in the system of democracy. This in the medium long term will undermined the performance of the ‘Superbody’ itself and once the public realize, the creation of such body can be regarded as a backward move towards democratic society, democratic state.

What logically happen next is that, the ‘Superbody’ will be dismantled or its authority being reduced which also means being dismantled. It is just natural. It means democracy has found its way…….


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